Yeast Infection and How to Control It

What Is Yeast Infection? Yeast Infection, AKA Candida, is a fungal infection which occurs in our bowel, mouth, skin folds, navel, nail beds, vagina, penis etc. It can occur anywhere on the body where there is a prevalence of moisture. A weakened immune system or metabolic illnesses such as diabetes are significant factors of Candida. A healthy body already contains good bacteria which helps keep Candida under control. If the natural balance of the body is weak, the bad yeast in the body starts growing which causes the spread of Candida.

Natural Remedies: One of the most powerful natural ingredient is plain, sugar-free yoghurt which does not contain any coloring or fruit. Yoghurt helps rid the infection by reinstating the good bacteria in the body. Also most important is to drink plenty of water, this helps flush out toxins and extra sugars stored in the body which feeds keravita pro the yeast fungus. By drinking plenty of water everyday greatly reduces the risk of you contracting Yeast Infection. Also eat plenty of fruit and vegetables incorporated in a well balanced diet. Including vitamin B, C and E in your diet all helps combat Yeast Infection. Vitamin E maintains a proper hormonal balance and zinc strengthens the immune system. By adding these supplements to your diet will definitely help you get relief from Candida and prevent a recurrence in the future.

Things To Avoid: Avoid eating foods rich in sugars and yeast, this is a favorable environment for the yeast fungus to multiply which spreads the infection. It is also important to avoid or reduce the consumption of foods like bread, dairy products, honey, pastries, wine and beer, especially foods rich in yeast.

This is only a very brief overview on Yeast Infection, getting rid of and treating the symptoms of Yeast Infection can be very complex. You need to get to the root of the problem which in most cases results from bad diet and the modern lifestyle that people follow to day.

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