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Airsoft guns have moved out from the kids’ toys genre to the elitist stratum of the hobbyist and the collector. With the introduction of newer features, designs, changes and replica modeling, these guns have become immensely popular. Various guns, both contemporary and old, especially those of the World War period, today have their replicas in the form of Airsoft guns.

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Based on the source of power, Airsoft guns can be divided into three groups: spring powered, electric powered, and gas-powered. Spring powered Airsoft guns use potential energy stored in the spring, to launch an Airsoft pellet. In gas powered Airsoft guns, the gas provides the propulsion power. The most common gases used are propane or Hydro fluoro carbon-22. In electric powered guns, as the name suggests, a rechargeable battery is used to drive the electric motor.

The components of Airsoft guns include the barrel, battery (typically NiCad rechargeable batteries), a gearbox that transfers the drive to air piston assembly, electric motor, spring, air nozzle and valves. These are modeled in great detail. The finished products, the replicas of the real guns, are very cheap and relatively harmless Guns for sale Europe.

Enthusiasts have taken to Airsoft guns like fish to water. Earlier, when being manufactured in the US, the guns were quite expensive but after the diffusion of the technology to Asia’s large scale and bulk industries, the costs have come down greatly. Also, in recent years, plastic research has yielded new plastic variants that are both cheap and sturdy. This helped improve the sales greatly.

Given the great popularity of Airsoft guns, not only in the US but also all over the world, wholesalers abound in the market. Wholesalers have a huge customer base. These customers are not the end users but are further distributors. Wholesalers do not entertain small orders. The minimum order that they accept is for $200.

Wholesalers essentially service the countries in which they are based. China is a leading manufacturer of Airsoft guns and most of the guns manufactured are exported to the US and Europe. Importers in the US often act as wholesalers and provide these guns to retailers such as discount stores, hobby stores and online stores. Wholesalers also conduct their business over the Internet, where they can be approached easily. There are many Web sites that list manufacturers, importers, wholesalers and retailers of Airsoft guns.

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