Who Is Caribou? A Musical Genius Debuts

“WHO IS CARIBOU?” is an age-old question that still surfaces in the wake of unresolved conflict in many indigenous communities throughout Canada. Born in an English-speaking province about halfway between Montreal and New York City (which would make him a native of both places), Daniel Victor Snaith was one of three children born to immigrant parents from Ghana. As a child, he was familiar with the Canadian television series “The Good Wife,” but this would be the last television show he ever watched.

DESCRIBA ROUSSE was born shortly after the aforementioned episode, appearing on network television by the name of WILLIE CRAMER. A multi-faceted musical genius, he would create such hit songs as “Love is in the air,” “Haitian Divorce” and “Land of Hope and Glory.” Described by critics and fellow musicians as a true musical genius, his work would also earn him a place in the annals of popular music history, as well as induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame (though his music never actually made it to the Hall).

who is caribou? tells the intriguing (and funny) story of a Musical geniuses, a boy from the Canadian backwoods who rose to fame and influence overnight. Young Daniel Victor Snaith meets and quickly becomes friends with John Lawrence Sullivan, a world-renowned theatre impresario and friend of Toronto’s Don Cherry. The two fall in love and marry, but things are not as smooth sailing as they had hoped. Things get even more complicated when Sullivan is accused of arranging the murder of a Native American chief.

Based on the true story, this film follows the unlikely path of young Sullivan as he tries to reconcile his political, personal, and musical influences in order to write and perform his own musical masterpiece. It is an incredible tale of tragedy and redemption. It is a story that resonates with all of us. And it is a story that we would likely not have heard if not for the amazing performances of Guy Pierce (Daniel), Stephen Boyd (John), and Tim Matheson (Saskatchewan) in the movie. Who is Caribou? is without a doubt one of the best movies you will ever see.

Musical theatre is one of my favourite genres, and Who is Caribou? fits right in at the top of the genre. It is an amazing story about how one man’s personal circumstances, those of his own family, and those of his artistic talents, had a direct effect on the creation of his most beloved musical. The way he wrote and performed, it is truly remarkable, as well as being a truly entertaining and memorable movie.

Like much of musical theatre, much depends on how well written and acted. Who is Caribou? certainly has its moments. However, in the final analysis, the actual writing and acting are what make the difference, so I really don’t count it in. I’m a fan, I like musicals, I really like Who is Caribou? It is well worth a try!

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