The Hope of Children of Pakistan

Muhammad Ali Jinnah twice said on different places that our children are the hope of Pakistan and they must acquire higher education. Although, it is our prior competency to bring and develop various resources to enhance our children to get education. Civilian, public, national and constitutional acquaintance can only be getting if we are educated and these acquaintances are the main foundation of children to stabilize and play effective role in their country. Education is a matter of life and death for our country.

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We all analyze that Pakistan cannot achieve betterment without arouse curiosity any momentous ways in the era of education. Education bestows an essential tool for boosting to a country because education lies on a beneath foundation. Conceiving as the beginning of Pakistan education is profoundly behindhand and forsaken domain. The circumstances did not bring in excelling unconcerned of obtain scope to educate public. Alike there are large number of children’s in Pakistan who did not obtain primary education and thus, low level literacy rate increase.

As far as Pakistan, by 2008 according to the figures specified by the government the literacy quota was 56.20% approximately. From 1998 to the date twice primary schools constructed, but on the other hand high average of population growths restrict the advancement in education sector. There is also a dilemma to a low participation of millions of children in the peer group 6-14 years not attending schools. Small towns do not have facilities of pioneer schooling 3d sign boards in pakistan. Also, some other disadvantages include defective school foundations, big-break of teachers in remote rural and hilly areas, and in-sufficient allotment of possessions on education as per the budget. The costs of passage, books and uniforms could be outside limits for poor children’s.

As I went to Pakistan for a short while ago, I visited some towns and I saw children’s sitting in an open area, a teacher practicing the lesson. I think at a same time that these children’s have enough enthusiasm to learn and gain Education. That is why they are sitting and learning in such a condition. They do not care the need of place like school, or chairs, desks, classrooms etc. They are just gaining the knowledge by any source that could be reached them. So, as I perplexed in this position, a child who is usually read to, or who frequently observes children’s reading and writing and a child who has inhibited acknowledgment to reading and writing will have an ideal assumptions. Each of these circumstances, however, provides some of the background that we should examine and devote for betterment towards the importance of education, re-polishing schooling arrangements and big-break of teachers.

As an exemplary case, Pakistani Rupees 1000 has no worth when we enter KFC or Mc Donald’s but when we are going to buy a book of RS/- 100, it has a worth. In same case, have you ever seen the sign board outside the libraries that House Full but you have experience these things in cinema halls and cricket stadiums. Your answer will be yes. If we observe these examples are viewed by any individual thought or you think its cumulated thoughts. Either It’s a problem of entire society in general as well as it’s a problem of whole nation.

Literacy rates are essential part of a country’s comprehensive educational development. When convincing of the governmental interests and strategies, it clearly shows that we have to work out to expand and prosper our education sector. As we observe that Pakistan has the beneath literacy rates but still we are not hopeless to polish the structure of education. Even though our Government efforts for boosting and reforming education for all.

Low literacy levels in Pakistan can be associates to various aspects, the distinctive level of inadequacy, beggary and hardship being a dominant origin. Besides the World Bank survey, moreover one-third of the country is appraised to be living less than the hand-to-mouth and subsistence level. Primary school is without fees in government schools; but on the other hand the costs of passage, books and uniforms could be outside limits for poor children’s. Furthermore, there aren’t sufficient classrooms to become suitable for all and if there are classrooms, their structure and foundation are dusty and poor.

ISLAM also confesses us about Education and its significance. A civilized person considers the real ambition of life. Our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him told us that obtaining knowledge was a responsibility located on each Muslim. Pakistan is a Muslim country. We all in charge of our ethical values and standardize path to give it to today’s youth. Also, the role of the scholars, instructor, lecturer and teachers plays an important role in our life. They imbedded and inculcated the seed of knowledge in us. The Prophet said “Seek knowledge even if you have to go as far as China”.

Muhammad Ali Jinnah said “when you have got that light of knowledge by education and when you have made yourselves strong economically and industrially. Then you have to prepared yourselves for your defense against external aggression and to maintain internal security.”

This is the golden age that we strongly augment the feature of education. We assure that our educational academics attain these aspirations, and put our children education fundamental. Our children are dynamic and persuasive and they can put into use to seek from basic to higher education.

Education is the basic ground step towards the improvement of any civilization. It’s our duty to guide our children in selecting the right path. It’s our obligation to make use of their potentials and endeavors precisely. So they can call the real hope of Pakistan.

Today our children need backbone, boldness and courage. Our mainly blessings are children’s who are the diamonds of Pakistan. Our children are the insight of our future. It is duty of parents, teachers and everyone to advise the lesson of knowledge and education in today’s children.

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