Student Group Travel: WILD FLORIDA Is a Hidden Gem

When was the last time you saw an alligator in its natural habitat? Though the area has been around forever, WILD FLORIDA is the newest attraction in Central Florida and certainly the best way to get an authentic taste of what Florida has to offer. When you visit the Orlando area with your student group you will most often fill an itinerary with visits to the theme parks, dinner shows, water parks, putt-putt courses, go karts, and more. Just minutes away from the excitement, and not too far off the Florida Turnpike, is this 4,200 acre untouched nature preserve. WILD FLORIDA has so much to offer and is a true Florida experience which should definitely be included in your next student trip. Student travel to Orlando has just gotten better with our discovery of this hidden gem GFE ASIAN ESCORT NY.

Upon arrival at WILD FLORIDA you will be greeted by Kramer, the Umbrella Cockatoo, who has a lot to say and loves attention. Your guide will escort you out to one of their beautiful airboats via their brand new 500 foot dock and prepare you for your tour of Cypress Lake, where you will have the opportunity to see Florida wildlife at its finest. There are an estimated 1,100 alligators of all shapes and sizes that can be found throughout the lake. There are also several native species of birds including Bald Eagles, American Coot, Great Blue Heron, Great White Egret, Limpkin, Moorhen, Osprey, Sandhill Crane, and, oftentimes, Wild Turkey. There are several other birds that make their way through the area as they migrate south for the winter. If you have never experienced an airboat ride, you will be amazed as you sail smoothly across the lake, sitting high over the water, with an amazing view of your natural surroundings. Your experience promises to be different every time as the season, temperature, time of day and many other factors will determine exactly what you will see.

When you return to the dock, you will have the chance to actually meet one of the inhabitants up close. Each airboat ride includes a hands-on live alligator demonstration, where you will even have the opportunity to take a photo, if you so choose. After your airboat ride you have a couple of options. You can stop for a quick bite at Pete & Peg’s Silver Platter Bar-B-Q, where they offer some of the finest Bar-B-Q you have ever tasted, or a sampling of Gator Tail, Frog Legs, or Sweet Potato Fries. Or, you can head into WILD FLORIDA’s very own Wildlife Park, one of the offerings that make this Florida gem so unique. When you enter the area you will pass by an aviary filled with exotic birds. You will see hoof stock such as Asian Water Buffalo, Emu, Zebra, White Tail Deer, Pygmy Goats, and Ankole-Watusi Cattle with horns that can reach up to 8 feet. There is a Gator Platform where you can see some of the largest alligators found in the state of Florida, as well as feed them. Soon you will also find a petting farm and a nature trail that will add to the entertainment value of this incredible attraction.

It may be challenging to convince a group of students to take time out of their day from the Orlando theme parks, but it will be well worth their time to give WILD FLORIDA a try. This is more than just an airboat ride… it’s a Florida experience.

Greg Dotson is a travel professional with over twenty years of experience in the entertainment and hospitality industry. He enjoys travel, baseball, musical theatre and spending time outdoors. Originally from Anderson, Indiana, Greg currently resides in Ocoee, Florida, with his wife, Sheri, and two children, Cameron and Cailey.

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