Software Jobs Posted on Craigslist – How to Search For Success

Are you an experienced software specialist who is looking for employment? If so, you can and should visit This online classified website is a great way to find a software job. Continue reading on for search tips that can help you land a job interview.

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Download and Use a Free Craigslist Search Tool

The Craigslist service is great, but it does have its flaws. One of those flaws is your search limitations. To perform a traditional search, select your state and city, such as Florida and Orlando. You can then use the search box on the left-hand of the page to search for jobs, but you are only searching the city you selected, like Orlando. If you live in between two cities listed, are willing to travel for the right job, or are willing to relocate, you have a problem. It could take you hours to search each city page individually. Instead, download a free Craigslist search tool. These tools allow you to search multiple cities, entire states, or nationwide listings at once job posting.

Choose Your Search Phrases Carefully

They key to searching successfully for software jobs posted on Craigslist is to choose your search phrases carefully. You don’t want to miss any good jobs, but you don’t want a list of jobs you aren’t interested in either. It is best to search for the particular type of software programs you want to work with. Good search phrases, depending on your own personal preferences, include software developer, software engineer, java, PL SQL, Oracle, and so forth.

Review Your Search Results

After performing a search, you will see a list of headlines for each open position. Most job posters are very descriptive. You should be able to look at each headline and know right away whether the job is right for you. If you see a position you like, click on the headline for more information. Then, there will be a full description of the job opening. This description will include information on the company hiring, the position, job duties commonly performed, work experience or training required, and so forth. If you believe you are a good candidate, use the instruction provided to forward your resume. Good luck!

As previously stated, Craigslist search tools can help you find the best software jobs on Craigslist. Download the free Craigslist Reader at Don’t let the one flaw of deter you. Search multiple cities, entire states, or all of Craigslist with ease.

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