Products From China Pushing the Limits of Acceptable – Is a Massive Consumer Boycott Coming?

China has in the past sent lead painted toys, poisonous pet food, and toxic drywall to the United States amongst other things. These are not small issues considering that the FDA only has one office in China total to look out for American Consumers, worse, Big Pharma is busy outsourcing drug making to China as well, and China is becoming the leader in organic foods, fish farming, and well, you know just about everything we buy here in the US.

Chinese goods: Boycott Chinese goods unlikely to sway consumer behaviour:  Retailers, Telecom News, ET Telecom

A recent article of interest was in the Wall Street Journal, titled; “Beijing Plans to Boost Product Safety-Rules”, by Laurie Burkit on October 27, 2010. The article spoke of the meeting of the minds between China’s Consumer Safety Agency and the US CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission. Please go look this article up and then come back here so you can follow my argument about this topic.

Another something I’d like you to read is a recent GAO report which just came out – a policy research report for the Food and Drug Administration titled “Overseas Offices Have Taken Steps to Help Ensure Import Safety, but More Long-Term Planning is Needed,” published on September 30, 2010 China’s silk road economic belt.

Let me pause here for an interesting observation and note to my the readers: don’t you just love it how all the GAO reports suddenly appear on the last business day of the month – it’s as if the kids doing these reports still think they are in High School waiting until the last minute to turn in their term papers – which begs the question can we even trust anything the GAO puts out? In my opinion; NO!

Okay so, of the over 7-million cargo containers coming into the US every year almost 60% have Chinese goods in them or Chinese parts as part of those goods. And the GAO, the FDA, CPSC, and China’s Consumer Safety Agency want us to believe that they have it under control, and ALL those products are safe? Not buying it, that’s nonsense. And of course, China’s CSA and our CPSC are talking about this due to past realities of problems and the fact that China doesn’t want recalls of toys during Christmas. But the issue remains, we cannot trust Chinese products based on our past experience.

And if our government claims we can, they are mistaken, blind, or presenting falsehoods knowingly (aka: lying). Your government cannot protect you from bad products from China, just like they didn’t protect us last time until our pets started dying, people came down with severe respiratory problems, or a consumer group discovered 100s of thousands of toys needed to be recalled – after the fact. That’s not protection, that is after the damage was done enforcement. That’s not good enough my friends.

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