Need Career Inspiration – Create an Inspired Vision

Inspired Visions, A Powerful Tool

Inspired visions help us to manifest our highest vision for ourselves. Inspired visions are all about words, our own words. You can create an inspired vision for your career or any other aspect of your life, or you can create one for your overall life. The entire process of creating an inspired vision only takes about twenty to thirty minutes.

A Brief Evaluation

I have done about 40 or 50 inspired visions in my life. When I see the results they bring into manifestation, my perpetual response is, “Oh man, I can’t believe it, this is wonderful.” Inspired visions require so little effort, yet deliver so much gain. In boxing, they have the term “best pound for pound boxer in the world.” An inspired vision is perhaps the best minute for minute manifestation technique in the world.

Creating an Inspired Vision

Determine your subject. It could be career, or other areas such as finances, relationships, a new home, a speaking engagement, or your overall life.

Get a piece of paper. In the center draw a circle, a heart or whatever design pleases you. Write, “I am” in the middle of your design. At the bottom of the page write, “This or something greater for the highest good.”

From the edge of your design, extend a straight line and write a positive present tense sentence. An example for career would be, “I am greatly appreciated for the work that I do.” (The “I am” remains in the center of the design, the rest of the sentence “greatly appreciated for the work that I do,” extends beyond the design.)

Proceed to extend a series of straight lines from the edge of the design and fill them with sentences that describe what your experience will look like (“I am delighted by my office which is big and has a wonderful view.”); feel like (“I am enthusiastic and Vision 20 reviews energized by my work.”); and the benefits you will derive (“I am enjoying full medical benefits.”).

The four inspired visions I presently have in operation have 8, 18, 19 and 20 “I am” statements.

Their Purpose

The purpose of an inspired vision is to create a vision that you can relate to on many levels, mentally, emotionally, visually, etc. You are creating a picture through words for your subconscious to model.

The subconscious is a great modeler. Whatever information you give it, it will attempt to model or create in your life. So, if you tell it that the world is an unfair place where there is a lot of pain, it will create that experience for you. If you feed it positive information, it will attempt to create that scenario for you. This is why it is so important to feed the subconscious with uplifting words, pictures and images.

Why Inspired Visions are so Effective

Inspired visions create a scenario that you can relate to on many levels. It’s not just a mental process. It’s not just an emotional process. Inspired visions address the whole being.

Shakespeare said that all the world is a stage. Inspired visions give us a role to play. When I read an inspired vision, I am free to put on my actor’s cap on and assume a happy role. Working with an inspired vision is like working with an inspired film director who is great with actors. In an uplifting way, my words are directing me how to think, feel, look and behave.

Secondly, by putting “this or something greater for the highest good,” at the bottom of the page, one is enlisting spiritual support by invoking the highest good. It is kind of like saying, “God’s will be done.” I also like to pepper my inspired visions with spiritually focused sentences as well. For example, “I am experiencing God as my Partner.” In this way, I address my whole being, including my spiritual side.

So the dynamic I am putting into effect when I do an inspired Vision is that I am opening myself up to receive spiritual support and at the same time I am providing my subconscious with a positive scenario to model and recreate. I think this is why the results are so unbelievably positive.

Three to Five Year Inspired Visions

I highly recommend doing a three to five year inspired vision. This inspired vision should address the very important question of where do you want to be three to five years from now, and what do you want to create by that time. This is about putting dreams into reality. You can cover many areas at the same time: health, home, relationships, finances, creativity, your emotional well being, material items, etc.

Additional Recommendations

Inspired visions are particularly helpful at job interviews. In the past I have written down such things as, “I am relaxed. I am comfortable. I am at peace. I am humorous. I am having fun.” No matter how nervous I was before the interview, my inspired vision has always calmed me down

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