Natural Cures for High Blood Pressure

According to statistics, one in three adult Americans suffer from high blood pressure; unfortunately, 30% of these people don’t even know that they have this health problem. This is why many are caught unawares by a stroke, a heart attack or a heart failure; therefore, regular medical checks should include controls of the blood pressure at every meeting with the health provider. If one knows to be exposed to developing some form of heart disease because of too high blood pressure, he or she will make efforts to learn how to live a healthier life by limiting the risks and supporting the system with a variety of adjacent help. Studies show that a regular diet and the use of specific herbal Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula teas can keep the risk of a heart attack at the distance.

Using fresh garlic in the diet is said to lower blood pressure significantly. This therapeutic effect has long been associated with the garlic component known as allicin, which has a great effect on high cholesterol, also normalizing the blood flow and pressure. For those people who cannot have raw garlic, either because of the smell or due to some problems of the digestive system, there are supplements with garlic under capsule form. Garlic has proved useful even for people with a fluctuating blood pressure; the allicin normalizes any fluctuation, bringing balance to your circulatory system. A good herbal combination to be used in association with garlic includes a mixed tea of mistletoe and hawthorn or crataegus.

Besides the very popular Christmas tradition of hanging mistletoe over the doorstep, there is a long medical history associated with this plant. Though it is best known for its success in the treatment of cancer, mistletoe extract and tea are also great in balancing irregular heart beat and blood pressure. Though the fruits and raw leaves as such are said to be poisonous for people, no toxic side effects have been associated with its administration. It is best to use dry mistletoe leaves combined with crataegus leaves and flowers and make an infusion to be drunk three times a day. Whereas the mistletoe brings balance to fluctuating blood pressure, the hawthorn significantly lowers it while having a positive influence on the frequency of the heartbeat.

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