Learn How to Stand Up Paddle in Controlled Area

Learning how to stand up paddle is and exciting adventure. After you learn the basics from proper instruction, each time you paddle out you will see a noticeable difference in your balance and skill on your stand up paddle board. Where you learn to stand up paddle will make a huge difference for your personal learning curve. You should learn to stand up paddle in a flat and controlled area where the wind and water currents are minimal. It is always a good idea to paddle out with someone who is familiar with the area before venturing out on your own. On the ocean, there may be shallow reef or ocean currents to avoid. On lakes there may be rocky areas or wind blown sections to avoid. When you paddle out with someone who has the area mapped out, you’ll be able to focus on refining your stand up paddle skills instead of worrying about where you should or shouldn’t be paddling.

After you are introduced to an area safe for paddling, stick to that spot and refine your skills there until you are a strong enough paddler to venture out and discover new area. The wind can pick up very quickly as can the surf and ocean currents. So, make paddling in challenging conditions part of your regular training. However, be sure that  the challenging conditions are, again, in a controlled environment. For example, when the wind is blowing, get out on the water and paddle into inflatable paddle board the wind but stay close enough to the shore that you can easily get back or call for help. Ideally you would paddle out maybe just 20 yards with a friend. The purpose of this is not to travel distances but to get used to paddling into the wind and knowing where your limits. Some paddlers may be able to paddle straight into 25+ mph winds while standing. Others may struggle to knee paddle against a 5 mph breeze. Discover you limits in a controlled area where you are able to get back to shore without a problem. 

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