Killer Personality Traits (Top 10 Golden Desirable Traits)

People do not understand that what specific desirable traits women want in men. It has become a very popular thing among men these days because they want to adopt the real killer personality traits and behaviors for attracting women. There are definitely few qualities women find interesting and attractive in men.

Men often research numerous articles but get fail when it comes to attracting hot women on sexual level. Below is an important extensive list of killer personality traits women admire most in men.

1. Project Happiness: Spreading happiness, helping other and making people laugh is very attractive for women. Smile and be pleasant in the environment. Women do not look for a man who is boring. They desire a man who is interesting and have happy feelings around him. The simple trick for spreading happiness is “Happy Conversation.”

Do happy conversation with women and discuss interesting and good topics rather than controversial stories. Often use happy words in your sentences like happy, good, excellent and fantastic etc. This secret trick will make her melt in no time.

2. High Level Motivation: Set a fantastic goal in your life and you will be automatically motivated. Have passion and ambitions in your life. Set a single goal and passionately dominate it. This thing will make you rich in future also because you will be the master of that thing.

You can teach others and become a motivational speaker in your field. You only need passion and goal for achieving something. Everything is possible in whatever age you are. This kind of high level motivation is highly desirable for women.

3. Confidence and Sexual Body Language: Confidence and sexual body language can easily arouse sex desire in women. There are several sexual body language tips you can use  Language of desire and beckon women towards you.

Have calm Shoulders, stand straight, avoid hands in your pocket and never fidget.
Do not be nosy; keep humor alive with your conversation. Give her interesting and unpredictable replies.

4. Gentleman Appearance: Gentle appearance is very appealing and charming to women. Do not wear jeans. Wear nice quality shirt and dress nicely on romantic dates. Here am giving you few tips you can use to project yourself as a gentleman.

Put on her coat, Stay polite, Open doors for women and Never Spit.
Stay outside (near road) and keep her inside while walking on the footpath.
Shake hands in firm way, keep high value of yourself and Respect elder people.

5. Be Loyal: Be the best lover by showing your loyal side to women. Take care of her, help her and often show her your love. Your loyal nature will make women see you as the best lover of this world. If you project loyal nature then you will make women chase you entire life.

Loyal nature is extremely desirable trait for women.

6. Tough Guy: A tough guy never complains. He knows that how to make people respect him. Women adore this kind of guy because they know that a tough guy takes risks and never fear the fear. A tough guy never hurt women and plays manly games. James Bond character is a living example of Toughness and women drool over him.

7. Magnetic Man: A magnetic man knows the ways women think. He is expert in attracting attention and seducing hot and exclusive women. These types of man always have a plan for everything. They are mysterious, sensual and passionate.

Always try to bring excitement in your presence because women immediately make their opinion about men. Dominate her thinking and earn the title of Magnetic Man.

8. Extreme Romance: Extreme rough romantic moves can shiver your lady with sexual pleasures instantly. Use these few extreme romantic tips and drive her wild with sexual desire.

Grab her hairs, give her strong smooch and then leave her instantly.

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