Hunter Leveling Guide – The Hunter and His Pet Or Two For the Price of One

First let me start by saying that this article is as much fact as is based on much of my own experience. I have played a Hunter into the mid 50s and played end game with lots of Hunters in my groups and raids, so be ready for as many of my own opinions littered throughout.

The Hunter is a dps class. I’m not talking about your pet here…just you, as the character and your base powers/abilities. Certainly the talent trees for Hunters can shape your play style but the Pet you summon when you start questing or enter an instance or group with others can dictate what you bring to the experience.

The question of “What is the best pet in the game?” is as subjective as it gets. I hate to answer that question with the answer “It depends on how you play.”, but it couldn’t be more true. Pet choice is simply based on play style and group need. The Hunter’s choices are as varied as the game itself and as important to the current need as the Warlock’s choices on any given basis. Based on all that preamble, I will give two very real scenarios and my strategies on both.

Solo – Since you as the Hunter will be delivering most of the damage here, you need a good tanking pet that can hold the aggro and take a beating at the same time. If you choose a talent build that beefs up the pet, you could handle tanking in an instance but it is NOT recommended unless you want to spend time targeting and redirecting your pet to stray mobs that pull off towards a Mage or Priest or other equally squishy class. Leave your pet to do what it does best, aggro mitigation on single targets while tanking for you. Also, remember that if you do choose a tanking pet for group encounters, turn its taunt off so that the Warrior or Paladin can keep aggro and isn’t using precious mana or rage to wrestle attention away from the pet in an unneeded struggle for domination.

Grouping – End game will be lots of instance and raid running for the most uber elite gear in the game. While queuing for these runs, the Hunter will always list himself as dps in the dungeon finder or with premade groups. So, obviously, your pet needs to bring the goods as well. Yes, all pets have some way of taunting and getting the attention 안전토토사이트 of mobs, again, remember to turn off this ability in the pet action bar. No need to frustrate your main and off tank by causing them to add the task of smacking mobs to get their hate again. This is not to say that if your pet pulls some aggro because he’s dealing out some wicked damage that you need to drop him off his target. Let him keep dishing the damage and the tank will pull the mob when he needs to. In some cases this can be a welcome blessing if the group gets overwhelmed and it keeps the mob off the cloth wearing members of your party that the tank is always worried about anyway. Remember, it’s much easier to resurrect the pet than lose the tank and have the whole party running back to their corpse to try it all over again.

Be careful not to get to caught up in looks. There are some critters in the game that just look like they would make great pets but ultimately are the worst choice. For example, Blood Elf starter area, Dragonhawk. What a great looking critter model. It’s attacks are Bite, Dive, and Fire Breath. Bad pet choice. The fire damage is high on the resistance chart since its one of the most common types of damage. So…no Dragonhawks… no matter how cool they may look.

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