How You Put Employees First And Always Should

As one of the top executives, I am asked a lot about my thoughts on the mindset I foster within our company. Often I find myself being asked, “What do you believe puts customers first?” or “What do you do to make sure your employees are happy?” All this is important and worthy of reflection. However, let me take this opportunity to talk about why I believe mindset first and foremost, and how it impacts both customers and employees.

I am very active on the Internet, reading blogs, talking to other business owners, reading books and watching videos. I have learned so much in the last several years. What I have found is there is a common thread running through nearly all business owners that, like me, are very driven to be number one. And there is also a common thread that the more you accomplish in your company the more you appreciate the journey and succeed in becoming number one puts employees first. So what does that have to do with mindset?

Well, from all the information available to me (and from anecdotal evidence as well), it appears that the key to achieving success in anything – including running a business – is to create a mindset of never giving up. It seems the more you succeed the more you want to try harder, do more and feel better about yourself. That is human nature. But in order to maintain this mindset in the face of adversity, constant failure and disappointments you must continually push yourself outside your comfort zone. This is where the mindset comes in. It is the line in the sand that you cross when your customers are unhappy and you still believe in the mission and vision of your company.

When you create a mindset of never giving up and instead believe in your employee’s ability and capabilities, you put customers first. The attitude you adopt will affect how you relate to your staff. For example, if you talk to your employees as if they were children, with the confidence and competence of a professional, they will see you as that person. They will see the leader in charge as someone they can always count on and depend on. If you talk to them as if they are fools or not very intelligent, people will see you as cold and distant.

When you create a positive mindset and you put employees first, everyone within your organization benefits. You will get more done faster. You will save money because you won’t have to hire more people just to fill the roles you created. You will be able to offer better services because you won’t be dealing with customer complaints and you will actually enjoy coming into work each day instead of dreading it.

To sum it up, I think this may sound like common sense, doesn’t it? But sometimes, common sense proves to be wrong. It seems everyone is saying you should do this, do that. It is easy to say things like; make sure every person has a good attitude and it is going to rub off on your employees. However, sometimes common sense proves to be wrong and it really doesn’t matter what you say. As long as you put employees first and you treat everyone with respect, they will appreciate you and your company for that.

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