Fear of Failure, Fear of Success – Fated Twins or Helpful Teammates?

Although Fear of Failure and Fear of Success may seem as though they must be, somehow, opposite states of being, what underlies them both is the common ground of….

Fear of Change

We are often more willing to stay miserable than to move into the unknown. But learning to know the unknown is the envelope against which all manifestation and creation pushes.

“Anything I have ever done that was worthwhile…

initially scared me to death.”

Betty Bender


The secret to mastering the unknown is not really a secret. You simply first take a baby step. Accomplish a small aspect of an endeavor, experience, or Heart’s Desire, rather than having the goal of being entirely successful with it.

Want to end poverty? Get twenty $1 bills and give them away to strangers.

Want to write a book? Write an article about something for which you have passion and publish it – for free – on the web. Then go Goggle yourself and see your name and work come up for the world to see.

Want to give paid seminars and talks to audiences of hundreds or even thousands? Give a complimentary talk at a 토토사이트 community organization.

How did any of those experiences feel? Perhaps a little uncomfortable, perhaps a lot empowering.

These small steps in the direction you’re headed give you confidence, bring the fear down to manageable size, provide you with many learning experiences of how to continue towards your goal, and begin to clear the path to bring to you your intention as you move towards it.


Life involves risk, and risk suggests the possibility of failure. Be willing to take risks! Within those risks lie what you need to learn and your rewards.

Another part of this fear-based impedance to our goals is fearing disapproval. Longing for approval you can end up virtually paralyzed.

You want to be told you’re doing wonderful things, but fearing to be criticized, laughed at, scorned, ignored, you put the brakes on
manifestation. As Wayne Dyer wisely observes, “Your opinion of me is none of my business,” further advising us not to be held hostage by longing to receive the good opinion of others. Do as your inner wisdom suggests. It is not possible to “make” others happy, in any case.

You may accept constructive feedback, but, in the end, you must stick by, and be faithful to, your inner knowing.

“Most of our obstacles would melt away if,

instead of cowering before them, we made up our minds

to walk boldly through them.”

Orison Swett Marden


First, it’s helpful if you tell yourself that there is no such thing as “failure”. The process of discovering how not to do something or how something does not work is central to the process of learning. Otherwise, how will you know how to solve a problem? You not only learn the correct answer to a problem through processes which do not work, but aspects of such a learning experience may provide solutions to other problems.

The idea of failure is simply a negative judgment of your experiences. Failure does not ultimately exist if, when you meet with a setback, you pick yourself up, or make a path around the boulder that landed on your road, or step back and study the complication, then continue to move forward.

Failure only exists when you decide to fail, to stop moving towards your goal. Honor the Being within you who calls you to your purpose.

We have not been taught, at least not formally, how to handle experiences which do not fulfill our expectations. We have been given many models of failure, however.

For instance, if a child has learned 60 percent of the material being taught in school, the child has failed. Why would that child continue to try? Failure is so inflexibly black or white, so all or nothing.

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