Fear for Sale: The Mystery of McInroy Manor for Mac OS

For quite some time there have been rumors about the McInroy estate. People say they’ve seen terrifying shadows and wisps of ghostly figures. Normally, no one is allowed inside the estate, but the editor of a magazine has paid what some would call a small fortune to get access for a journalist that you are supposed to play for. As soon as you arrive to the spooky place you meet a female ghost wearing a long sleeping gown. Nipping all ahead that will be almost the only one ghost who will be not trying to scare you up to death, but peacefully explain you that “an evil presence binds all of them to the place”. So as you might have already understood “them” infers that there will be many ghosts on the grounds. But what is this “evil presence” she mentioned? Why would she call it a “presence” and not a ghost? Could it be something more? The truth will probably set all of the ghosts free…

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The game plot is the main merit of the game. In all the other aspects the game is quite usual HOG munchkin cat for sale munchkin kittens and munchkin cats. You’ll need to do all the things you used to in the other games of the type such as finding gears to solve puzzles, distracting the dog by means of the cat caught thanks to the mouse and cutting away foliage. At some point of the game it seemed to me that Fear for Sale: The Mystery of McInroy Manor is all about opening locks and turning on lights. But I didn’t notice when I took to playing.

Maybe that’s thanks to graphics or music but suddenly you realize that the game you didn’t like at the beginning brings you joy. So if you didn’t feel it’s yours when you played a demo, give it a chance. At least you’ll hardly regret about it as the graphics are better than average. I think that the game stands in the same line with the Mystery Case Files and Mystery Trackers: The Void.

The HOG-scenes make up the majority of the game. The random clicking is not encouraged as usual, while you may get some achievements for progressing without a misclick, and that is quite fresh. If you decide to play for the second time you’ll be disappointed as the objects in the list will stay the same. On the other hand if you’re keen on achievements, that is your chance to play without a mistake or hint. Along with the typical feathers and flowers to search for you’ll be tasked to identify rather unusual items. For example the word “Italy” in your list corresponds to the spot on the bench with the same contour as the country has on the world map.As for me the game could get some extra points for being voiced over. But lack of it cannot be considered as the unambiguous disadvantage.

Fear for Sale: The Mystery of McInroy Manor has its special charm. And it could be even lost if there were some voices that couldn’t fit the music for 100%.For those of you who get stuck and failed to connect to the Internet, there is a strategy guide already inside of the game. And that is a very nice decision. If you have already paid for the Collector’s Edition why should you exert yourself Googling the walk-through?

Don’t be lazy to take a glance at the Journal. Yep, it’s usually boring and useless in the majority of the games. And to tell the truth it is a little bit too wordy here as well. But nevertheless you can find useful advices what to do next and were exactly should it be done. And that is really precious as the hit button charges pretty slow. Thanks God, when there is nothing to do in the location you’ll get a corresponding notion – “I’ll come back here later” and if you get lost you may always click the hint that will point you where to go.

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