Don’t Trust Your Own Weight Loss Programs

You’ve made up your mind to lose weight, lots of it. You have tried many times before with little or no success. This time, however, you are determined to be one of those weight loss success stories you see on TV or in a magazine. You have made a copy of the best weight loss tips and you are now ready to give your overweight body a run for its money.

Weight loss is a major consideration among North Americans. After all, we are the most overweight people in the world. We eat the greatest volume of junk food of any other society, although some foreign countries are starting to challenge us for that shameful title. Over the years you have watched yourself balloon from a normal body weight to 50 per cent more than you ought to be. It was so easy putting on the fat, now you face the difficult task of taking it off.

You have received a bit of advice from a well-meaning friend who says in order to lose the kind of weight you wish to lose, you will have to drastically decrease the volume of food you eat. You know it is going to be painful but your friend’s advice sounds reasonable, and so you decide to follow that course. Unfortunately, food deprivation is all too often the course of action people take when trying to lose weight. Their reasoning is the less food entering the body, the less fat there is to accumulate.

During the early stages of that weight loss strategy, it seems to work. At first; during the first week, let’s say, you might lose as much as 10 or 12 pounds. You are so excited and thank your friend for his advice. You are not aware, however, that the majority (probably 75 per cent) of the weight you have shed is water. Very little fat has left your system. You are so excited, however, and reason that if you can lose that much weight so quickly the first week by eating less, then you will eat even less this week and lose even more weight.

You lose again the second week, but not quite as much as the first. But your total weight loss in 2 weeks is approximately 17 or 18 pounds and you are not about to knock that. But, there comes a point, and it doesn’t take long, where you are not losing weight despite the fact you are depriving yourself of food. Why does this happen?

The human body is much smarter than we credit it for. The body has its own comfort zone and when it is accustomed to carrying a large load of fat for a very long time, that becomes one of its comfort zones. When your body detects that it is losing weight quickly, it will immediately take a defensive stance Biofit to stop the loss.

Your body decides to save energy and in an attempt to stop the loss of body fat, lowers its metabolism. The result: your lose weight diet comes to an abrupt end with no more pleasing results. Some may try to outwit their body by reducing the amount of calories consumed. This will work for a brief time but once again your body reacts defensively and your weight loss comes to an end again.

It is usually at this point that the greater majority of dieters forget the whole thing and go back to eating the way they used to, devouring anything and everything they want. They soon gain back every ounce of weight their doomed program took off. There are a few, however, who insist on trudging on despite the extreme shock to their system. They continue the disastrous cycle and begin to feel and look ill. Their body craves for food, though most won’t admit it, and they will even go as far as depriving themselves of food and drink for the entire day.

Their weight loss program is literally killing them slowly and if they continue on this dangerous path, it won’t be long before vital organs begin to shut down. Many of these people even develop a condition known as “anorexia nervosa”. Even though they have become quite thin, they still see themselves as fat. That is not far from the truth because even though they have lost weight, the body has experienced a great loss of muscle tissue and retained the fat. People with anorexia nervosa can have a body fat percentage as high as 25 per cent. That is extremely high.

Their self-administered weight loss program has not dealt with the body fat issue. In fact, because of misguided information and primitive weight loss strategy, the body is literally destroying itself from the inside out. There is only one cure for this type of dangerous cycle so many find themselves in. That one cure is “education.”

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