Customize Your Garden Design

If you are planning to get rid of your shabby looking yard and want to transform it to a thing of beauty, these garden ideas will be of great help to you:

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To begin with, get a proper idea about the size of your garden and the amount of sunlight it receives. Also consider the external hazards that can spoil your garden. Know your soil before you start your garden. Do away with all the sand and rubble in the site and if required dug over the entire area and import it with new good quality soil.

Get an idea about the purpose of your garden – is it for growing vegetables, for beauty or for children’s play area?

The next step is the garden planning. This entails the following steps:

1. Watering the area: Before you start mulching down make sure the soil is soft and has enough water content. If the soil is wet the mulches will have fair amount of moisture in it Gartenhilfe vom nebenan. Do make a note to keep the mulches uneven in size. It will help oxygen and moisture break through the soil and soak into the plant’s root.

2. Proper manure: Keep away from cow manure as much as possible. It tends to make the soil drier than usual.

3. Sketching up the garden design: If you want to have an appealing garden, a sketch of the garden design is quintessential. It not only helps in creating an organized garden but also aids in forming a well balanced garden. With the correct combination of patterns and shapes, and an early insight of the color combination of flowers, you can have an idea as to where to keep the edges soft and hard.

4. Pesticides: To control fungal diseases in the plants always trim the plant in V shape. This helps the sunlight to easily penetrate through the plant to the roots and also improves air circulation. Watering should be done from the base level and mulching at regular intervals is a must to keep the fungal spores away.

If you have any plan for vegetable gardening, you soil preparation should be a little more elaborate than simple flower gardening. It is always wiser to raise beds during vegetable gardening. Since the vegetables require extra space to grow, the raised beds with its lose spacing of soils fits the bill perfectly. Raised beds are also a time saver as it helps vegetables grow more quickly than planted in pots. The shape of the beds can bring about a change as well. Raised beds if rounded in the form of an arc, rather than flat is considered as more spacious.

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