Consultative Examinations For Long Term Disability

Both injuries and illnesses can turn into long term disabilities if they prevent you from working for at least a year or they are supposed to end in your death. To help you in this treacherous time, the Social Security Administration, or SSA, offers two types of disability coverage that provides for your basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing at the very least.

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However, in order to receive the benefits that you need, you must go through an application process with the SSA to prove that your injury or illness is truly a long term disability. During this time, the SSA will research your condition to see if it actually prevents you from working. They will ask a number of questions, but one very important part of the application process is the examination of your medical records.

When you apply for long term disability coverage, the SSA wants to see any and all medical records that relate to your problem, as well as information from your doctor as per your limitations due to your ailment. Sometimes, the medical records that the SSA gets from your doctor are sufficient for proving or disproving your case. On the other hand, the people in charge of your case may decide that your records do not give enough information to make a decision on your case take test here.

In these cases, the SSA will call for a consultative examination, or CE. The Social Security Administration prefers that your treating doctor performs your CE if he or she has the expertise and equipment to complete the additional tests or examinations required by the SSA. However, sometimes your doctor may not meet these requirements or may not be willing to perform the CE. In these cases, the SSA will look to another doctor to perform the examination.

In looking for another physician, psychologist, or other health professional to perform your CE, the SSA requires the person to be licensed to practice in that state, as well as have the necessary training to perform the extra exam or test. Any people that help in the CE, such as nurses or x-ray technicians, must also be licensed and trained to perform the task that they will aid with in the examination. According to the SSA, if your doctor cannot perform the CE, the other physician will be chosen based on availability, location in regards to your home, and skills necessary for the tests and exam.

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