Caribou Social Media – 4 Ways to Use Facebook and Twitter to Increase Your Exposure

Caribou are amongst one of the most iconic species of the North Americas, with a range of unique behaviours and appearance which have made them memorable to people from all over the world. Some characteristics that have endeared them to humans over time include their size (the largest in the continent), white fur, large eyes, short ears, powerful thighs and great sense of smell. Despite their popularity with people in North America, few outside of the specialist caribou hunting fraternity actually know much about Caribou social media behaviour. Through the use of social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook, the general public can now get a real insight into the daily lives of caribou hunters. Here we’ll go into some of the ways that caribou hunters are able to interact with each other on these sites.

Twitter – One of the most popular uses of social media for caribou hunters is the twitter. In fact, caribou hunting has almost become a full-time career in some areas due to the increase in followers that caribou hunters have acquired since they first started using the medium. The problem that many hunters face though is that they don’t know how to properly engage with others on Twitter and therefore end up spending hours posting messages which generally turn off people. Use the search facility within the Twitter site to see if any caribou hunters are following anyone and then start chatting to them about everything you find interesting.

Facebook – With caribou social media accounts becoming incredibly popular, it only seems natural that there would be an option for caribou hunters to use Facebook. Unfortunately, many caribou hunters fail to understand the importance of being seen on Facebook and so spend a lot of time creating fake profiles in order to spread false information about themselves. For this reason, caribou hunting groups often encourage hunters to set up their own individual Facebook profiles in order to promote themselves and show off their knowledge of the area. Keep in mind though that not all hunters think Facebook is a good choice for caribou social media and so don’t go jumping to conclusions just yet.

Blogs – Many caribou hunters think that social media is strictly for entertainment purposes and that they should leave blogging to the adults. In truth though, blog posts can be used as effective caribou hunting tips. Not only do blog posts provide useful information for caribou hunters but they can also serve as part of a community where caribou hunters from all around the world can get together and discuss everything that happens in their region. This is especially helpful when caribou hunters are travelling and have no one nearby to keep in touch with. A blog post written by a caribou hunter travelling in remote areas could serve as an invaluable resource.

Forums – Although it may seem like a difficult task, many caribou hunters do actually use forums to discuss their various hunting practices with fellow hunters. Caribou hunting forums allow you to make announcements, ask questions, give advice, support each other, and learn from others. In fact, some caribou hunting forums allow you to trade goods and services as well! It’s truly the ultimate caribou social media.

Remember that the internet is a vast place, filled with amazing information, resources and people. If you are looking for ways to make your caribou hunting experience more productive and possibly even save some money along the way, social media is the place to be. With social media you can reach a global audience without having to spend thousands on advertising or traveling to remote areas. For more information on caribou social media, visit the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ website and click on “Caribou Hunting”.

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