Boxing Bell – A Look Into The Definite Must Have in Any Boxing Match

It’s difficult to imagine a boxing match without it. A boxing bell is just as much a staple in any boxing match as are boxing gloves or the round girls that come and go to signal the start of each round. You simply have to have it or you will feel that something about the match is all wrong. Boxing bells work to indicate the start and the end of each round and the match as a whole. The traditional ones are made from metal while the more modern varieties can be housed in plastic boxes that are installed with sound mechanisms, indicator lights and power outlets.

Striker and electronic

There are two main types of boxing bells: the striker bells and the electronic ones. The striker bells are made of either วิจารณ์มวย chrome or brass and where popular during the 1920s and 1930s. This is a type of boxing bell that comes with a striker ball that is made of hardwood. A striker bell also has a hole at the bottom of it so it can easily be mounted near the ring.

The electronic bells, on the other hand, come with color-coded buttons. The red, green and yellow buttons are designed to indicate the different stages of a round. They also have delay features in case a match takes longer or shorter than expected.

Shopping tips

When it comes to boxing bells, you need to consider durability. For professional tournaments, the metal varieties are a much wiser choice because they can be used for a longer period. If you’re going to hold regular matches, it’s also better to opt for electrically-operated models because they are portable. You can also use them practically in any place that has an electrical outlet available so they are more convenient.

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