Birthday Party Ideas For Children With Food Allergies

Here are some birthday party ideas for children with food allergies. These ideas will also help if you are planning a birthday party and some of your guests have food allergies.

Foods the Cause Reactions

Most food allergies are related to milk, eggs, wheat and peanuts. Other nuts, soy and fish can also be a problem. Reactions can be as mild as a itching and a rash or as severe as life threatening breathing problems. If the child is yours then understanding what causes reactions will not be a problem. If the child with the allergy is a guest be sure and ask the parent exactly what they can or cannot eat.

Alternatives to Cake and Ice Cream

Since eggs, milk and wheat can be major culprits a typical birthday cake may not be an option anthropologie birthday coupon. Health food stores often carry gluten free and dairy free cake mixes. Since these can be pretty pricey you may want to consider making this for the birthday child only. Have a traditional cake for guests is an option. But you will want to make sure the food does not touch. Younger children will need constant supervision in this case. Soy based ice cream can be an option or consider making fruit ices from blended fruit and juices or coconut milk that you freeze.

Skip the Cake

Birthday cakes are fun but they aren’t they only way to go when it comes to food. You can put candles into strawberries or other soft fruits just as easily! Fruit cups, veggie platters and your child’s favorite foods are all good options.

A Non-food Party

Another alternative is to completely skip the food. This might sound severe but if your child has severe reactions to several foods it can be a wise option. Plan your party around an activity such as a trip to the zoo or a children’s theatre. Go on a scavenger hunt, plan a craft party and send the guests home with coupons to a local ice cream store they can use at their convenience.

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