Bereavement Gift – Giving When You Don’t Know What to Say

While most occasions for gift-giving appear to be happy ones – reasons to celebrate or congratulate – unfortunately there are some exceptions: occasions to commiserate. It is important to remember that it can be precisely the tough moments in life that require us to show our support and affirm our friendship. Using words to express ourselves during those times can be difficult because we worry about saying the wrong things and being misunderstood. A gift can be a great way to bypass this concern and express what we mean without having to say it.

It goes without saying that in such a situation of hardship and grief, no gift can take away the incredible pain our loved one is experiencing but as a token of love and support, it can maybe help a little to ease the sadness by conveying the message we struggle to put ของชำร่วยงานศพ into words: you are going through tough times but you are not alone – I’m here to support you if and when you need me because I care deeply about you.

Traditionally, there arguably is no such thing as “sympathy gifts”, other than the obligatory flowers taken to the funeral to put down on the grave. However, in recent years, a trend towards actual gifts has developed, with more and more shops nowadays also offering this category of gifts.

Bereavement gifts are a tricky subject. What do you give someone who has just lost the most precious thing in the world – another human being? You hardly want to say “Hey, cheer up, life goes on!” when someone is deeply distraught and upset. Likewise, a message in the opposite direction is not in order either as you don’t want to make things worse by being unnecessarily downbeat. So getting the tone just right is all the more important.

One choice of bereavement gift that is definitely a safe bet is a sympathy basket: it can be tailored exactly to the likes of the recipient and is easily personalized. You can choose a variety of comfort foods such as chocolate, cookies, some hot drinks like tea or coffee, and maybe a CD with calming music, a small teddy bear, some bath essence for relaxation or a book with inspirational quotes of encouragement. There is a huge variety available at the shops and most retailers let you personalize as little or as much as you want. All you then need to do is to put a few personal words on a card, maybe accompanied by a meaningful sympathy quote and ready is your way of showing your support during those difficult times. No doubt your little token will be much appreciated.

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