Baby Massage For Constipation

When my babes were little, I took great pleasure in bathing them and then laying their magnificent little bodies on a receiving blanket in a stream of sunlight. With my hands liberally moisturized with sweet almond oil, I would begin the delicious process of lovingly massaging every inch of their wriggling little bodies. I loved the looks of pleasure and ecstasy that this would elicit from their faces as they soaked up the effects of being touched by their mother, the one who loved them like no other! What I loved about this investment of time and intent, was that I could harness this “massage tool” at other times of duress including using baby massage for constipation.

At moments of colic, constipation, or just stress in general. I would employ the same touch, soothing words and run my hands over limbs drawn up in expressions of restriction, resistance and even pain. Gently, and with time, my babe would appear to “un-coil” like a tightly wound cog. Starting with a warm bath, with a tablespoon of epsom or Himalayan salts proffered from my local health food store, I would allow them to soak for as long as they were comfortable 수원스웨디시.

Then I would lay them on the floor, grease my hands in olive or sweet almond oil, and begin to trace a gentle clock-wise circle around their belly button. The colon is down on their right and often tummy troubles can be sourced to improper dispersion of air bubbles or a mass that just feels stuck en route to the diaper. This motion allows for the logical route from the small intestine, through the large and out the rectum can help to complete this natural circuit.

This loving touch can help to stimulate natural peristalsis (the squishing and squeezing of the muscles indicative of the small and large intestines). The purpose, then, becomes to dislodge the energy, air bubbles, or stool that is stuck in the circuitry. By using baby massage for constipation, we can do so much to ease our baby’s symptoms of pain and colic. Occasionally, touch of this nature can worsen a babe’s symptoms and so after a little bit, if things don’t improve, it is best to stop and seek the advice of a practitioner that you wholly trust.

In some cases, I would employ a drop of lavender oil or rose oil in the base, or carrier, oil. This would often work wonders. Make sure that you are using 100% natural oils derived from plants as man-made oils with other ingredients can be harmful to humans, especially babies. You will want to avoid pesticides, chemical fertilizer and even herbicides contained in any essential oil that you use on your baby. In all things, organic is always best!

The other technique you can use to safely and effectively massage your baby is what is termed “the recumbent bicycle”. Lay your baby on her back and gently take her legs in each of your hands slightly below the knee. By rotating each leg in a slightly circular motion up and down towards her stomach, you can also increase the peristaltic action of her intestines in order to promote the same peristaltic movement in the intestines. When you take a break, put your ear to baby’s tummy and see if you can hear any movement, gas or gurgling sounds. This is a good sign. If it is silent, there may be an obstruction from too much stool built up in the intestines. If your babe has not passed stool in more than 48 hours, and the belly is silent, it would be a good time to see your trusted medical practitioner for the appropriate intervention or remedy.

I always felt that it bore well to have established baby massage for constipation techniques well in advance of any symptoms. In that way, the relationship to touch was already established, the conduit fashioned, and the relationship to touch of this nature established. And so when I went to use the techniques, I found that my baby was already inspired to assume that same relaxed, ecstatic state of being. Massaging your babe has loads of brilliant side-effects including promoting growth hormones, increasing the amount of enzyme activity in the gut optimizing digestion. Also pleasure just seems to promote more pleasure and can alleviate angst to an infant who has few outlets to express his pent up feelings or even his suffering.

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