An Invitation to Pipe and Cigar Smokers and Others Who Love FINE Tobaccos

There is a resurgence of interest around the world in GREAT tobaccos. Sadly, especially with the influence of commercially made prepackaged cigarettes, many of the great tobaccos of the past have given way to substandard tobaccos, fillers, sheet tobaccos, chemicals, adulterants and flavorings. Meanwhile, many of the world’s fine tobaccos are rapidly becoming a thing of the past…along with flavor and aroma. Even the profession of the tobacconist is virtually gone as are most of the premium tobacco stores where one used to find delicious and aromatic selections and a staff that actually knew and appreciated the many varieties, curing methods and cuts. Today, in place of cigarettes with flavors such as true Turkish blends, toasted tobaccos, and premium Virginias, Burleys and others we find brands with a chemical punch and hyped up doses of nicotine and distribution channels incented primarily to turn over the merchandise. Sadly, few even recall the difference, having never even tasted or smelled fine, premium tobaccos much less the classic varietals pipes for smoking.

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Fortunately, there is a rapidly growing number of buyers who have questioned the paradigm of today and are seeking something better. Once having enjoyed the experience of making, tasting and enjoying the aromas of premium tobaccos and well blended mixes of the classic varietals few return to harsh, hot, flavorless commercially made smokes that leave the breath and the environment around them reeking. Especially interesting is the fact that most who begin creating their own rich, full flavored, aromatic smokes actually greatly reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke simply because the level of enjoyment and fulfillment no longer requires chain smoking. Even more, while smoking fewer cigarettes they are also stepping away from the list of hundreds of chemicals and adulterants.

The differences are striking and the fact is that quality tobaccos, especially in fine blends do not have the, YES, I’ll say it, STINK of the commercial blends. Anyone having stepped into a room full of smoke from these, even the smokers, know what I am talking about…and this lingers long after the smoker is gone. Truth be told, this is simply not the case with custom made cigarettes. In fact, the residual aroma is more the pleasant experience recalled when one remembers grandad who used to smoke a pipe. For the smoker this is even more striking as the cloying aftertaste that so often required the chewing of gum or a breath mint also is a thing of the past, as is that morning hacking, coughing and congestion. Smoking less and enjoying it more, there’s a new idea!

Interestingly, many who have previously enjoyed a pipe full of good tobaccos or a good cigar at infinitely more cost are also now crossing over to custom made cigarettes. They are far easier to prepare, easier to carry, and more convenient. With the wide range of beautiful new paper injection tubes with filters of every description, they are even something of a fashion statement reflecting one’s own choice of colors and design, long or short, white or in color, thin or thick, densely packed or loose, and with many different colors for the filter tube wrapper.
Even more, the tobaccos can be blended for different occasions and moods, some rich and full bodied, some light and fragrant, and even special blends for a special dessert smoke. Sometimes there is the English blend of Balkan, Turkish, Latakia tobaccos, sometimes a great Virginia with a touch of Burley, occasionally the sweetness of a Cavendish, maybe a dash of clove or menthol, and even a great Perique or cigar style tobacco. The decision is NOW up to you.

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