A New Life – Turning Someday Into a Plan

The pursuit of happiness always starts with a dream and a decision doesn’t it? Making that decision is a process and likely one that doesn’t come overnight. Once a seed is planted it needs to germinate before it gets to the point of blossoming into an actual decision for most of us. For me, it started with a feeling of something missing, boredom with the status quo, a sense of longing for something new and ultimately the news that my daughter and granddaughter would be moving to California in the near future; the seed.

Since receiving that news and for the past several months I found myself visualizing my life with less; less things and stuff, responsibility and burden. I began to wonder why I needed the sheer volume of things I have accumulated that sit unused taking up space and are not as appreciated as they once were. I came to realize that I had outgrown my lifestyle and the longing I felt was genuine even though the dramatic change I am contemplating is a little bit scary it is something I can do if I choose to https://tragedyinfo.com/matt-trabold-obituary-death-matt-trabold-rochester-ny/.

I found myself reading about people who say they have simply sold all their accumulated belongings to travel or move to enjoy a completely new lifestyle and environment. It sounds so exciting and easy doesn’t it? Well, I can attest to the exciting part but easy, not so much. You see part of my vision is a somewhat minimalist lifestyle and the true ability to be free to move or leave if the mood strikes me. My vision and intent is a return to the gypsy like lifestyle of my youth.

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to California to take a look at what will likely become my new ‘little’ home! There have been and I know there will be moments when I will question my decision and sanity. In fact I had a few of those moments on my trip as I looked at apartments for the first time in many years. The reality of true downsizing! The good news was each of the properties I looked at had wonderful amenities; crystal clear swimming pools, exercise rooms, lush landscaping, some with meeting/party space if needed and all maintained by someone other than me! Each had beautiful new models I could see myself enjoying but here are a few of the questions that put my plan into perspective for me.

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